Ocean Jasper Flame with a Flat Base

Ocean Jasper Flame with a Flat Base

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Ocean Jasper are excellent healing stones that encourage a feeling of joy and elevated spirits! They will help release negative feelings, you feel more optimistic, communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. Greater self confidence, self esteem and self worth.  Strong positive heart based energy within them help you to feel better about life, as they embody joy, happiness and good spirits help you to deal with past events, and allow you to see what you may have previously seen as negative in a new light if you are feeling depression, anxiety or stress, and using these positive stones is one of the bring joy and elevated spirits, and relieve stress, worry and other negative feelings.

May help you to sleep better by its energy to help you to release negative energy and bring harmony.  If you have hallucinations, or other problems that create insomnia tuck a piece under your pillow This crystal spiritually influences you to release limiting patterns of behavior that might have been holding you back.This energy will help you to release obsessive thoughts that keep going round and round in your head. This stone's heart based vibration may help you to feel more balanced and to enjoy being fully present. It naturally helps to lift you out of negative feelings, helping your mood to become more optimistic. These are excellent stones to use in meditation, especially if you are feeling stressed and wish to let go of tension.

Ocean Jasper is Mined out. 

Stand not included.