About Me

I am a crystal.  I mean I feel like I am a crystal.  In reality though I feel as if I am addicted to Crystals.  There is a story we all grew up with called Jack and the Beanstalk.  In my story I am Jack and the magic beans are the Crystals.  That is my personal myth.

I am almost serious when I say that given the money and a choice between food and crystals I will almost always choose the crystals.  I don't know why I love them so much but I do.  I also do not know why I hear their call but I do.   I feel like I know them like they are my own and so I am their own by the same concept.

Its funny when I didn't know I was going to end up starting Keva Krystals, I was at a Sound Session event and in my deep relaxed state I heard "we are going to send you 10 new stones".  (yeah I think my guides talk to me...and sometimes the Angels do too.  And the Crystals...they just whisper :) )

My heart felt happy that I was going to get 10 new stones.  I was excited. 

But,that was a lie.  

They sent me almost 30 new stones!! Not 10. I was overwhelmed and awestruck.  The stones kept coming.  I was in a personal stone buying frenzy.  I would get them faster than I could work with them.  I was up to my ears in stones.  I had to buy boxes and organize them.  Glass dishes, holders, vases and anything else that would hold them.

Then the Fulgurites found me.  It was a really funny story...more about that in a blog post later.  The Fulgurite bring me the money I need to invest in the stones literally overnight and suddenly I am in business.  The business grows every week and in just 16 months its full fledge.  I feel like I am in service.  I give away a lot of stones.  The stories just pour in.  I feel as if I am in an accelerated learning cycle.  I learn so much about the stones and it hasn't stopped.  

To say that Keva Krystals has a life of its own is an understatement.  Keva Krystals is its own life force.  Its an evolutionary portal.  I don't know where it will all end up but I am doing my best to be a humble part of a vision of our evolution together as people, crystals, light beings, and energetic powerhouses on earth.

When you come to me at the events and we work on finding you the right stone you get a lot more than a stone.  My service and love come with it.  I am never selling you a rock.  I see the vision and its what goes with you as does the Divinity in the Stone.  I feel honored to be part of this great Network of Light.