The Crystal Connection

My daughter loves crystals too and she especially loved the Citrine Crystal Necklace I got her.  She is wearing her Citrine Crystal necklace when we go out to dinner together and I am wearing my Herkimer Diamond Necklace.  We have a great time all evening and get into a really sweet and in depth conversation.  As I am talking to her I feel like we are in our own little hushed bubble in the restaurant.  I feel her Citrine Crystal in her necklace is "communicating" in harmony with my Herkimer Crystal.  I can feel the communication energy flowing from one crystal to another.  I am stunned that I have never realized this before and here it is being show to me very clearly.   

The conversation between her and I is lovely and more so because of the crystals.  I felt a humming emanating from the crystals throughout the evening and it was very palpable.

I felt it again today as I was hugging my friend and maybe she didn't notice but I was compelled to pull up a chair and sit across from her just to feel the Crystals "connect" with each other.  The circle of crystals was completed as one more cherished friend joined the conversation.  It was so nice to feel all the good vibes going around!