Mondo Crystals from Tanzania - New Find! Coming Soon!!

Last week I was at a crystal buying event where I see these beautiful and bright crystals.  I am immediately drawn to them.  I feel their energy and its off the charts!  Literally I feel my heart pounding as I feel the energy from these gorgeous crystals.  They make my eyes hurt with the light coming from them.  I can tell these ones are different.  They are different from any other crystals I own and I have a lot of crystals!!

I hold one in my hand and it feels like a bubble of pressure expanding in my hand.  I have to have one!  I look at the price and its high.  At this point it could have been a diamond and it would have been worth the cost.

So after a heavy day of shopping and basically emptying out my bank account I make the decision to get one.  I get super greedy and pick 3.  I tell the wonderful man who is helping me that they will all be gone by the end of the show.  He disagrees with me.  They are from Tanzania and they are called "Mondo" Crystals.  For me these are Crystal Crack.

Like a child I am giddy with glee as I rush home to wash them and sit with them.  They are just too beautiful.  I wrap one in a piece of wire wrap and try to wear it.  It gives me a giant headache.  I have to take it off and put it away.  The force field the crystals are generating is really really strong.  I feel pulled to them and don't think of much else before I fall asleep. I ask the guides about the crystals and I hear this before I fall asleep..."Mondo Crystals are Space Accelerators.  Time and space are not real.  Until recently space acceleration was not possible.  New crystals have brought new programs to Earth.  New concepts of space will now emerge.  They are facinators and have abilities beyond the earth.  Subliminal programming for the species.  Yes these are Matrix breakers."  I write it down in my memo app on the phone.  

I start the cycle of trying to wear one again the next day.  They have beautiful etchings and look like Judy Hall's description of Lightbrary Crystals but these are more like Lightbrary Crystals on steroids.  

I go back to the show and buy 3 more for the shop.  Again I realize how beautiful they are.

I wear them on me all the while the words "Space Accelerators" keeps going around in my mind.  I am no closer to know what that means and I figure I will get it when its time ( or space).  Interesting things happen all day long.  I feel the force field of the crystals around me.  I work beyond my normal capacity that day.  I feel great.

The last day of the show I decide I want a few more little crystals and I drive back to the event.  When I get there I see that all the crystals are sold.  They are wrapping them to pack them up.  I am disappointed and sad but I knew already that they were all going to be gone.  The wonderful person selling the crystals cheers me up and tells me he has more at the shop and I can come get them in December!

December 10th to be exact.  I hope to have some Mondo Crystals for sale.  I can't wait for you to get yours if you feel drawn to them.  They will be expensive but worth it.  I will try to get some smaller pieces as well.  They have a definitely an intense energy signature and you will experince it.  I am always looking for something way beyond and I often find it.  I hope to be able to bring it to you so you can experience amazing shifts in your life.

I hope we all evolve together!  

Update 12/5/17: The conversation around these crystals occupies my mind a lot and I keep probing into their fascinating energy signature every chance I get.  I want to know so much more about them.  My next meditation I find out that the crystals are "coded" they have design codes in them for new designs.

What keeps reoccurring to me is the legend that speaks of the Earth as a giant crystal and how the first thing that descended onto the earth was a crystal serpent.  Where did I read about it I can't recall but it was all about crystals as the first objects on earth.  

Mondo crystals are new, they are powerful on their own.  They have new energy signatures which are beyond all things we know now.  They are the Next Gen Crystals on 
Earth.  I feel there will be more and there will be others that will come soon but for now these are IT.