Lemurian Seed Crystals and Crystal Skulls Tools of Evolution! Exclusively Activated by Keva Krystals

Crystals are in a hibernation type lull when they come out from the earth.  Their frequency is tuned to the silence of growth that takes thousands of years to create them.  The light is dimmed to a night light status.   The attention of a crystal is inwards in a silent "samadhi".  A high frequency divine being said to breathe one breath every 100 years.  These beautiful pieces of divinity are beautiful and full of power but in a dormant state.   

I wanted my crystals to be awake.  To be charged and sparkling with life.  To have the opportunity to shine their full light and be awakened to their highest potential.  I wanted the mystery and power to be felt by anyone who held them and in turn be able to use the crystals to heal themselves, their life or any other situation which required that the high frequency of the crystal to be palpable.   

My life has been a crystal journey and there's been many  mystical experiences with crystals and stones.  It should all go into a book of crystal stories.   My soul sings when I work with crystals and the beauty of them forever fills my heart.  Synchronicities occur and a whole universe just unfolds.  I live in a beautiful crystal and stones world.   I am also blessed to work there as well.  

My lifetime of spiritual work finally culminated under the guidance of my wonderful teacher who taught me how to practice mantras and to build energetic power by working with mantras and sacred fire.   Divine Guidance opened the door to awakening crystals with a sacred fire ceremony.  I was shown a vision of how to fully awaken the spirit of the crystals and attune them to high frequencies.   

The Lemurian Seed Crystals came in first.   I brought them home and set out the crystals to wash them but heaven decided to wash them in the rain.  Beautiful torrents of rain filled the buckets to overflowing as the crystals were bathed in the California rain.   I performed a quiet ceremony by lighting the sacred fire and invoked all the beautiful chants and mantras to enliven the crystals.

Trance like energy took over the process and it went smoothly and beautifully.  The crystals were sparked with the energy and fairly sang in the aftermath of the fire.  They felt buzzy and vibrant.   I couldn't resist taking a few.  I had to have some they were attractive and full of magnetic light.   

We pretty much sold nothing but the crystals for the next 3 shows.  We sold all but a dozen.  The experiences will be in my next blog post.   

A second round of crystals came in on March 18th.   2 days before the Spring Equinox, Full moon in Libra, the colorful festival of Holi in India and right after St Patrick's Day!!   A gorgeous batch and some more of the little Skulls.  All Lemurian Seed Crystals from Brazil.  Some singing crystals, Channelers, Dow Crystals, Record Keepers, Lightbraries, Lazers and so much more I cannot even begin to list them all. 

So in the light of the beautiful full Moon after being bathed in the Rain the crystals were awakened and activated.  They soaked up full moon energy all night and the second batch is ready to go out and spread the light.   

What was invoked in the Crystals with powerful Mantras and the Fire?






Spiritual progress

Ease of burdens

removing of negative energy

help with anything and everything

unlock latent potential and capabilities

Work with Chakras and all energy light bodies



Evolution to the highest levels

Timelessness to work outside of time and space to be able to go forward or backwards in any timeline, across dimensions and anomalies or any other configuration of time.

Root causes

Curses, Contacts, Agreements, Vows and Promises, secrets

Unknown causes of any kind

Hidden or known programs, viruses, codes and agendas

Karmic cycles

Rhythms of the Universe

All bodies 

All Chakras

All Gods and Goddesses across the multiverse 

All Incarnations

In between incarnations


Multiple aspects of the Mind

Akashic Records


Source and beyond

In Short anything and everything conceivable or unconceivable.  The crystals have access to all frequencies of any kind that you need.   Your beautiful crystal is a limitless tool that is designed to work in or outside of space and time.  You just have to ask.  It is a precious power tool that can help you and your life. 

The crystals all remain connected to the fires all the ones that have happened in the past and will happen in the future.  The energies will automatically update in the crystals and each crystal will continue to evolve to higher power points as linear time goes by.   

They will always provide comfort and light.  The Awakening process is irreversible.  Crystals cannot be de- programmed as they were awakened and no programming was put into any crystal.  They are activated forever and will continue to work as long as they exist even if the fragment, break or fracture.  If you no longer desire to have your crystal you can gift it to someone else or leave it in nature.