Crystal Sets for Personal Growth

Crystal Sets have a life of their own.  They are like the tide.  They flow in waves and make for some very interesting days when I wear them.

I wear a lot of gemstones.  Sometimes I run out of pockets and purse space but here is what I have noticed over the last few years.  My stones will choose me and will automatically come forward to be carried around in a set.   The set changes every once in a while and may stay constant for a certain time frame but then just very subtly and with much grace the stones change in the set I am wearing every day.  

Some sets are phenomenal while other sets are very quiet and subtle.  

I will post which set of crystals come forward for me here in the blog as often as they change.

Its communication from the universe.  So much happens day to day while working with my Crystal Sets.  

What set has chosen to work with me right now?

The picture shows all of them.

Rainbow Obsidian


Mondo Crystals







Blue Calcite


Star Rose Quartz


Numi Crystal

I will write more about this set and what this has been doing for me.