Care and Feeding of Stones and Crystals

Clearing and Charging your crystals and stones is important.  I tell all my clients to treat the stones and crystals like they would treat their fine china.  Its important to wash after using and if you are working with your stones do at least rinse them under tap water for 30 seconds as you imagine light flowing into the crystal cleaning it out.

If at times you feel the stone is drained or it no longer feels vibrant then place it in the sun light or moon light for a bit.  Running a crystal through incense smoke is great!

My quick and fast method to super cleanse the crystals is to give them a soak in water with a drop of sage essential oil and if I do not have sage on hand i use lavender, peppermint, frankincense or almost any other natural essential oil. 

Keeping your crystal humming is very important.  Its just like charging your electronics. 

Your crystal becomes a filter and a lens to the outside world and you.  A little bit of TLC goes a long way.   And it keeps your stone working for you at top speeds at all times.