Bloom Times for Stones - A guideline for the best times to use your Stones.

I bought a blue Duemortirite and as I was sitting there just holding the stone, with great clarity I got the following information which I quickly scribbled down in my notebook.

I left it largely ignored for months.  Then one day I bought a book online by Anthony William called Healing Foods.  I excitely opened it up when I got it and it opened up to a section about Apricots.  It said something about the best time to eat an Apricot is at 3 PM.  I was dumbfounded.  As soon as I got home I dug up my notes.  The guides never cease to amaze me.  Here is what they said...

Stones are great Karmic alleviators if we let them be.  They can heal things on all levels with their frequencies.  The Crystals and Stones are a divine organization all to themselves.  Very tough and powerful they lay silent until called by us and then they often spring into action.  Some stones are more subtle then others.  To me they are all quite intense and very fascinating.

All blue stones will help clear karma.  Wearing or working with the blue stones with bring in the connection to blue beings (google them), all aspects of divinity can be accessed with the blue stones, and karmic cleansing.  Blue enhances the Divine Mind in us.  If you already own a blue crystal or gemstone then intend it to cleanse all daily karmas so life can get better slowly but surely.  Sleeping with the Light Blue and also the pink stones enhances sleep. Blue Calcite, Celestite and Angelite are great sleep enhancing stones.

Turquoise and Chrysocolla do not have that effect, they can but inherently do not.  The blue energy brings divine perceptions, enhances dreaming after midnight and brings in the Turquoise rays in before dawn.  

Like flowers and other things in nature the stones too have seasons and times where they are in full bloom.  They are always working but at certain times they are in high form.  The blue stones are in high function form after midnight to dawn.  Those rays are strong and very active at that time on earth. Intentionally working with blue stones at that time will produce astounding results.  Work with blue stones more often, especially when you sleep.  Using blue, pink and lavender stones in combination for sleep will always give great results.

Red Stones work best in the daytime.

Green stones are also good energies to work with at night.  Green can traverse both day and night as they are bridges and connecting stones.  The black stones, white stones and clear stones can all traverse day and night with great ease.

Multi colored stones like Agates will defer to the dominating color in the stone and if all colors are equally present then gives the stone great versatility and chameleon like power.  It can go where no stone has gone before.

Yellow stones bloom in the morning time up to high noon.

Orange stones bloom in the late afternoon until dusk.

Pink stones are early evening bloomers and Purple stones in the evenings until midnight.

These are the times the stones produce intense rays and results.  The timings are simple guidelines for when the stones are most active.  Anytime is a good time to work with any stone but you will notice special warmth or coolness and a glow about them at these times.

So as a leveraging tool if you are laying down a grid, try to lay down each stone of the color in its best time zone to give the grid a great start.  Not necessary but it add great depth and dimension to your grid.