An Amber Story

I come across a lot of interesting incidents and stories.  Stories of peoples experiences with the stones and crystals.  Incidents and conversations that flow from being in the privileged position to witness the height of crystal magic and miracles in everyday life.  I love the stories I come across and will try to share some once in a while.

Last week I walked into a liquor store and the cashier is wearing a necklace made from Amber.  So I commented on it and he tells me.  "Its amber and amber pulls out pain. I love this necklace, my girlfriend got it for me.  I used to have at least 4 migraine headaches a month and now I am down to 1 a month if that since I started wearing this necklace."

This simple sweet cashier at a liquor store is a modern day mystic.  He heals you when you see him and you don't even realize it and he loves Amber.  It heals the healer. 

The honey coating soothing of pain that Amber provides is a blessing to anyone who is in pain.